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My story


I design and create individually crafted jewellery in my workshop.  I draw my inspiration from my surroundings, architecture, art and the seaside – both at home in the UK and from my travels – they will all trigger a form or design in my mind.

About me

Born in the UK to Barbadian parents who then decided, when I was 6, to return to Barbados to raise the family. At the age of 17 I decided to return to the UK to complete my studies.

I am not sure if my path to silversmithing started with a love of small tools (my grandfather’s hobby was picture framing and I have fond memories of watching him at work) or from the beautiful jewellery my mother wore which I admired from an early age.

Either way, silversmithing found me!  At the time I was looking for a hobby and thought that woodworking would be a useful skill to have, however there was no immediate availability on any of the courses. 

As I continued to look through the prospectus one of the courses jumped out at me – silversmithing!  Ever since then I have been smitten. 

I trained at Reading College (2003) where I learnt the fundamental skills of jewellery making and silversmithing.  Always in the pursuit of more skills and knowledge I continued through the years to attend Jewellery making courses at Southill Park Arts Centre. In recent years I have been lucky enough to reconnect with one of my tutors from Reading College (Janet Richardson) with whom I now attend one on one sessions.

My interest in jewellery making continued whilst my children were growing up and now they are young adults I have been encouraged by them, my partner, family and friends to pursue this wonderful craft and take it to a new level. 

Thank you to everyone (you know who you are!) who has endured me wittering on about the best size of wire for this ring or the best way to set a particular stone in a pendant.  Your support and encouragement has been greatly appreciated!